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The 3 Essential Elements to Killer Corporate Logo

The 3 Essential Elements to a Powerful Corporate Logo

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Branding Insights #5 – The 3 Essential Elements to a Powerful Corporate Logo 25 years ago (yes, I am showing my age!) as a wide eyed high school boy I became fascinated by advertising and aspired to one day work on creative ideas that would create waves around the world. And while in that time my consciousness has influenced the types of brands and industries that I want to help, I love how an entire business and all that it…

The 7 Keys to a Powerful Brand Name

The 7 Keys to Creating a Powerful Brand Name

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Branding Insights #4 – The 7 Keys to Creating a Powerful Brand Name Whether you’re creating a new brand name for a new business and you have a clean slate to start with, or if it’s time to rebrand your existing business with a more powerful brand name, you’ll find what you need here. Before we dive into the 7 keys, it is fundamental that you have done the foundation work, which is defining exactly who you customers are, what…

Content Marketing

Branding and Content Marketing

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You want to stay in the mind of your market. How does your marketing do that? Let’s start with what you are doing to communicate right now. If you’re not already aligned with educating and informing (and sometimes entertaining) vs the hard sell, then I suggest you think about this: What are you likely to find more valuable: interesting and helpful information; or a sales promotion message? I am not discounting the latter for a minute, there is however a…


Buyer Personas. Are you Irrelevant?

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 Have you ever missed out on a sale because your cost was higher than the competitors, even when you know your offering was far superior, but the customer couldn’t see past the price? If you are like me, you want to be able to stand clear from those decisions made solely on price. You want to happily be paid the premium price your product or service deserves. The key is making your value relevant to your buyer, starting with your…

How We Can Help You

While you are here, watch these super short videos below of our branding work.


Watch this fast pace showreel of some brand marks we’ve designed. Spanning many industries, we have created fitting, story rich brands that stand the test of time.


This video is a cross section of the branding roll out and marketing pieces for Tribe Social Fitness. From brand naming, mark, strategy, through to all forms of marketing collateral, we have been their branding and marketing partner.

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Why The Sponge Exists

We exist to help you make your branding perfect. It all starts and ends with a rich and authentic story, and we specialise in helping you find yours. Whether you’re rebranding or building a new brand from scratch, The Sponge branding processes keep on delivering new brand names, brand marks and brand strategies, that fit like a exquisitely tailored suit. Story Rich Branding, flawlessly executed, is what excites us and we’d love you to get to excited with us about your brand.Click the button below and contact us today!

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