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What do a smiling newborn and an SEO friendly website rebuild have in common?

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What’s a smiling newborn got to do with a Search Engine Optimised, Mobile Friendly, Content Driven website rebuild? I may have hinted at this recently, but under the advice of my coach I kicked off a project that we do for others – only for ourselves this time! What, the plumber is fixing his own pipes?! Rather, the branding agency preaching that “your website must attract & convert leads”, is rebuilding their own to do just that! Yes, we are…

Social Purpose - How Your Brand Stands to Make Massive Impact

Social Purpose – How Your Brand Stands to Make Massive Impact

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A bit more than a decade ago two inspired individuals started two separate businesses. Each were a flash of brilliance to fulfill the exact same need in the same market. Since then both invested significantly to educate their market and build their respective brands. Both owners take pride in the quality of their offerings and their competitive pricing. Each has identified their why (because as Simon Sinek says people don’t by buy what you do, rather why you do it)….


How To Use Your New Brand Design To Crush It!

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So you’ve finalized your newly designed (or redesigned) brand design (logo), now what? Before going out into the market, there are a few things you need to get designed to help you make the positive impression you are after. In short, you need to apply your fresh new logo onto everything that you use in your business that people will see. The goal is for people to align with your brand no matter how they encounter it. First impressions count!…

brand is strangling your business

How Rebranding with a New Brand Name Transforms A Business

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How do you know if your brand name is strangling your business? During a recent brand story workshop it became clear that there was more to this client’s story than what the brand name was telling. There was a gaping void that the logo (and the website) wasn’t doing anything to bridge. It was screaming “local business” when the business has national scope. The name was “Central Real” a shortening of a localised descriptive phrase “central coast real estate”. While…


How We Can Help You

While you are here, watch these super short videos below of our branding work.


Watch this fast pace showreel of some brand marks we’ve designed. Spanning many industries, we have created fitting, story rich brands that stand the test of time.


This video is a cross section of the branding roll out and marketing pieces for Tribe Social Fitness. From brand naming, mark, strategy, through to all forms of marketing collateral, we have been their branding and marketing partner.

Take a Look Some Of Our Recent Work

Why The Sponge Exists

We exist to help you make your branding perfect. Whether you’re rebranding or building a new brand from scratch, The Sponge branding processes keep on delivering new brand names, brand marks and brand strategies, that fit like a perfectly tailored suit. Great branding is what excites us and we’d love you to get to excited with us about your brand.

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