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Logo Design Fundamentals – Logotypes

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Following on from the fundamentals post about icons, this one will explore Logotypes. What is a logotype? Simply it is a purely typographic logo, there is no use of a graphic icon and heavy emphasis is placed on the brand’s name. Many brands have adopted this type of brand identity, it is simple and clear but works best when the brand name is short, catchy, relevant or has a strong reputation by name alone. Using a logotype may be simpler…

Luke's True Purpose

Defining My True Purpose

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Hi, Luke Faccini here and in this short video I bare my soul so you can feel the place I am coming from. Alternately you can read the post below, enjoy… I grew up in a humble working class home in the Sydney suburb of Kingsgrove with three siblings, I the second eldest. I felt creativity was always a strength for me as I got such satisfaction from making all kinds of things, from Lego as my toy of choice…

The Sponge - Danger Zone

How to Check Your Business Relevance

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Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there ~Will Rogers In the 13 years that The Sponge has been in business, I have spent a LOT of time sitting on the track. For me that meant long stints of being very busy working in the business, putting my head up infrequently only to notice there had been huge leaps ahead in the calendar! How fast does time fly? 1 year goes past…

BI Managing Expectations

A Simple Way to Keep Customers Coming Back

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Customer experience is crucial today. If you’re not managing your client’s expectations, you’re setting up to lose them. Often it’s due to what’s unsaid. In this short video (only 2:05) I share with you how this became very real for me recently, with the intention that you can identify any instances in your business where you are giving away bags of cookies and start managing expectations well. A big thank you to my friend Seán Collins for the coffee fable,…

How We Can Help You

While you are here, watch these super short videos below of our branding work.


Watch this fast pace showreel of some brand marks we’ve designed. Spanning many industries, we have created fitting, story rich brands that stand the test of time.


This video is a cross section of the branding roll out and marketing pieces for Tribe Social Fitness. From brand naming, mark, strategy, through to all forms of marketing collateral, we have been their branding and marketing partner.

Take a Look Some Of Our Recent Work

Why The Sponge Exists

We exist to help you make your branding perfect. It all starts and ends with a rich and authentic story, and we specialise in helping you find yours. Whether you’re rebranding or building a new brand from scratch, The Sponge branding processes keep on delivering new brand names, brand marks and brand strategies, that fit like a exquisitely tailored suit. Story Rich Branding, flawlessly executed, is what excites us and we’d love you to get to excited with us about your brand.Click the button below and contact us today!

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