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brand is strangling your business

How Rebranding with a New Brand Name Transforms A Business

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How do you know if your brand name is strangling your business? During a recent brand story workshop it became clear that there was more to this client’s story than what the brand name was telling. There was a gaping void that the logo (and the website) wasn’t doing anything to bridge. It was screaming “local business” when the business has national scope. The name was “Central Real” a shortening of a localised descriptive phrase “central coast real estate”. While…

Rebrand That Doubled Revenue In 12 Months feature

A Heart Wrenching Rebrand That Doubled Turnover Within 12 months

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When Mende Seljanovski decided that his company’s brand needed a face lift, he came straight to The Sponge team. Mende approached The Sponge with a clear aim in mind. He wanted his clients to be willing to wait for his company’s services and willing to pay the price his work deserved. In a recent interview, he revealed why he chose to take this step and how the astounding rebrand has had a life-changing impact on his business. “ If we’re…


How To Create Raving Fans For Your Brand

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Imagine your client gets approached by a new vendor (as they do continuously!). She patiently listens to the spiel and witnesses all the razzle dazzle that this hopeful sweet talker can muster, then politely and passionately says “Thank you, but no, there is no way on God’s green earth we would even consider anything other than [insert your brand name here]”. That’s what brand owners dream of, a growing customer base of die hard raving fans. Raving fans are both…


The Silent Business Killer

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I’ve had the privilege of experiencing the full picture for many business brands from behind the curtain. From that position I’ve seen the great, the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. I must clarify. When I say brand I refer to the whole business package, visual brand, communications and culture. Many brand owners forget about the last one and in my opinion it is the most important. Having printed values in a drawer somewhere doesn’t count. When brand culture…


How We Can Help You

While you are here, watch these super short videos below of our branding work.


Watch this fast pace showreel of some brand marks we’ve designed. Spanning many industries, we have created fitting, story rich brands that stand the test of time.


This video is a cross section of the branding roll out and marketing pieces for Tribe Social Fitness. From brand naming, mark, strategy, through to all forms of marketing collateral, we have been their branding and marketing partner.

Take a Look Some Of Our Recent Work

Why The Sponge Exists

We exist to help you make your branding perfect. Whether you’re rebranding or building a new brand from scratch, The Sponge branding processes keep on delivering new brand names, brand marks and brand strategies, that fit like a perfectly tailored suit. Great branding is what excites us and we’d love you to get to excited with us about your brand.

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