BI Managing Expectations

A Simple Way to Keep Customers Coming Back

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Customer experience is crucial today. If you’re not managing your client’s expectations, you’re setting up to lose them. Often it’s due to what’s unsaid. In this short video (only 2:05) I share with you how this became very real for me recently, with the intention that you can identify any instances in your business where you are giving away bags of cookies and start managing expectations well. A big thank you to my friend Seán Collins for the coffee fable,…

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Logo Design Fundamentals - The Icon

Logo Design Fundamentals – The Icon

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One of the key aspects of a good brand logo is its “mark”. It’s the graphic element in a brands visual identity, but just for simplicity I’ll refer to it as the “icon” throughout this post. Granted there are many brands that do not employ the use of an icon and opt for a purely typographic solution, but by doing so you miss the opportunity to tell more of your brand’s story. By having a strong, flexible and meaningful icon…

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Branding Insights Brand Story Realignment

How Brand Story Realignment Creates Raving Fans

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Branding Insights #6 – How Brand Story Realignment Creates Raving Fans Let me know if this story sounds familiar: Your business has been running successfully for years, or decades. In that time at least one of these has happened: Your business has changed Your products or services have changed Your buyers have changed Your market has changed The way which you communicate with the market has changed Technology has changed While a lot can radically shift in the environment and…

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Top 8 Reasons Why Businesses Rename

The Top 8 Reasons for Renaming A Business

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Changing a brand name or business name is a significant action to take with serious consideration. Sometimes however it needs to be done, for good reason and it can be fundamental to the success of a business. There are 8 core reasons to rename a business, in this post we look at each and their underlying drivers along with prime examples of brands that have changed their names as a consequence . 1. The Brand Name has Become Meaningless or…

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